New Book!

A children’s picture book about having pride in your heritage.



I’m Meenal –
an artist, illustrator, designer and children’s book author. 


A bit about me.


I love to draw people, intricate patterns, imaginary worlds and faces on the unexpected. I am inspired by kids (especially my nieces!), strong women, family, textures in nature, little joys from everyday life (hello icecream) and my Indian-American heritage. I believe in the importance of all people having the opportunity to see themselves reflected in art as well as seeing into other people’s worlds through art – most especially the young humans in our lives who are so greatly influenced by the imagery that surrounds them in early life.

Making art is my happy place. It’s the moment when I can look inward, find joy and then push that joy outward in the form of making something. And hopefully that joy reaches someone else.

When I’m not making art I love reading to my nieces, cooking chana masala, playing with my puppy Dosa, visiting Minnesota (where I grew up) and being in the beautiful outdoor spaces of California.


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