Children's Theatre Fundraiser - Cinderella

The Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis holds an annual fundraising evening consisting of the Curtain Call Ball (more formal) and the Backstage Bash (the party!). The events follow one another and were themed after the season's Cinderella production. I developed the look and feel for both event invitations.

Below is the Ball invitation: Illustrated silhouettes of exaggerated pouf hairstyles from 18th century royal courts play off of the Head Over Glass Heels theme. The look balances traditional elegance with a modern edge, as the 2013 production does. Printed on an uncoated, textured paper for a tactile quality and to match the elevated feel of the evening.


Completed at: KNOCK | Creative Direction: Todd Paulson | Copywriter: Mary Lou Hidalgo
Photographer: Colleen Guenther

Meenal Patel