Puzzles with Lemonade Pursuits

I'm very excited to share that I've partnered with Lemonade Pursuits again to make a puzzle! This one is called "Community Garden" and is 1000 pieces. You can order this puzzle at the Lemonade Pursuits website

There's a deeper backstory to this drawing. I originally made this art a couple years ago during a really difficult time when a most dear loved one was in the hospital. I couldn't bear to leave her in the hospital by herself for all those weeks so I would sit quietly drawing in the dark room while she slept so that I could be there when she was awake (deeply grateful that I could be there especially now after knowing that this past year that would not have been an option). During that time the collective community that branched out from all of the friends and family that came together to support my loved one and me was astounding. Every gesture – a phone message or text (and understanding when I didn't respond), a warm meal dropped off, rides to the hospital, grocery deliveries, so much more. In a moment when everything felt (and was) very precarious, scary, and uncertain, the one thing that felt solid was the people showing up and extending flowers to us. What a gift. Still so much gratitude to all of those generous souls. Love you all.

Ha, I realize that backstory feels pretty serious for announcing a new puzzle but it's the truth behind this art. Drawing each of those dots and lines and thinking about all of the unwavering support helped me get through that heavy time. I wish for you an abundant community garden for the good times and the difficult times. XO.

My first puzzle with them is also available. It features my "Forest Walk" art and is 500 pieces.

Lemonade Pursuits is focused on bringing calm and mindfulness to people in the form of puzzles. The puzzles are made in the United States and they take care to make sure the people producing them make a living wage. The materials from the packaging to the puzzle itself are either recycled or biodegradable. And the puzzle pieces have a lovely soft-touch matte finish.

Both puzzles are available at the Lemonade Pursuits website.