Stickers Are Here!

Stickers are here! I'm pretty excited about them and think they'd be great on school notebooks, laptops, reading tablets, or phones. These are really hitting on my childhood love of collecting stickers and carefully placing them in my sticker books. My favorites were Sanrio stickers and the tiny Mrs. Grossman's bunny stickers on those perforated strips. Ah, the best!!

There are four options that you can find in my shop. I hope you like them and that there's one that you feel is especially you.

Besides my childhood love of stickers, these have been a long time in the making. My nieces, Neela and Priya (yes, the namesakes of my book characters), have been asking me to make stickers forever. Neela even put together a self-initiated presentation about why I should make stickers including all kinds of research. So here they are, finally!


Find in my shop here!