Studio Behind-the-Scenes

Everything feels like a work in progress to me right now – that goes for projects (including some exciting longer term illustration projects!) and for setting up my studio. I can't share about everything I'm working on, but here are some peeps of things taking up space on my desk and in my studio lately.

Got a few more spots set up in my studio – love a built in book shelf where I can keep some treasured things:

Straight on photo of a built-in bookshelf in Meenal's studio that is filled with children's books, art and design history books, art books, paper swatchbooks, old photos, and old cherished items.


Favorites: picking out colors and painting on this super textured paper made by Sustainable Paper + Craft (by papermaker, printmaker, and art teacher Kelsey Pike):

Photo of painting supplies including small tubes of bright and muted paint colors and small swatches of painted paper from paint tubes.

Work in progress painting by artist and illustrator, Meenal Patel. Muted green painted on textured paper.

Just a couple of cuties, including studio pup, Dosa!

Meenal's hand holding a small cut-out sketch of a baby against a bright sunshine yellow background.

Sketches from a delightfully smudgy sketchbook.

Photo of part of a spiral bound sketchbook with smudgy pencil sketches of kids. Pencil and crayons scattered around sketchbook.