Taproot Magazine

I've illustrated a few stories for Taproot Magazine. For the SPARK issue, I made the art that accompanied a story written by Megan Devine about how to find ways to enjoy long winter months. I featured the beauty of the inky winter night sky with a glowing moon, mother nature blowing in with winter, a glimpse of a cross-country ski moment, and the cozy clothes that make these adventures doable.

For the TIDE issue, I made the art that accompanied a story written by Alana Chernila about home, the purpose it serves, and what happens when it's time to evolve it along with our own personal purpose.
For the REFRESH issue,  I drew this to go along with Brett Ann Stanciu's beautiful personal essay "Rewriting My Life Through Yarn"
Illustration of linear skeins and spools of yarn clustered together in light pinks and yellows. Stems of abstract flowers and vines grow out of them in richer colors – greens, vermillion, coral, navy, white. Textures through pencil markings, dots, and lines.
For the COMMUNE issue, I drew this to go along with a piece that John Reinhart wrote called "Poetry Is Not a Four Letter Word: Crafting Verse and Rhyme as a Family". It's a lovely, inspiring read with all kinds of fun prompts.